iNat iOS Version 3.1 Released, Plans for iNat iOS Version 3.2

Hi folks,

I have a quick announcement about the iNaturalist iOS app.

Version 3.1 of the iOS app is available for download. This version tackles excessive usage of disk space. The first few times you launch the app after upgrading, it should clear up a lot of storage. After that, the app will make an effort to keep the photo database slim in the future so that storage usage doesn’t grow out of control like it did in the past.
Note that the database cleanup happens when you put the iNat iOS app into the background, so if you are in the habit of force quitting apps after you are done using them, you may not see any benefit.
Version 3.1 also includes support for disabling all forms of tracking. If you’ve asked iNaturalist not to track you, either on the web or in one of the mobile apps, the iOS app will no longer log crash data or analytics. Crash reporting can be really helpful when trrying to fix bugs, but we also understand that your data privacy is also really important.
Version 3.1 has been in a phased rollout with Apple for the past week, but it should be available to all users today (26 January).

I also wanted to mention that I have started working on version 3.2 of the iNat iOS app. My plans for 3.2 include a few bugfixes, improvements to location fetch and search when creating a new observation, user preferences for showing common & scientific names, and some support for playing and uploading sound-based observations.



Hey, great stuff !

Any chance you would add a link from the iOS app to the iNaturalist Help/FAQ page at in that next release?

It ~seems~ simple enough to me, tho I have not worked in web design for many ages.

I think it’s just basic to give iOS users access to learning resources for how iNat prefers things to be done.

I have an existing feature request for that.

Um… apologies if this seems out of place or rude. I mean well.


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Thank you @bouteloua

Why wasn’t Bulgarian included in the update? The translation reached 99% coverage quite some time ago.

It was an oversight on my part, apologies. Translation updates will be in the patch release, hopefully coming out in a few days.


It’s been nice to have the storage issue fixed!
I’ve not noticed any problems with this of late.

Wondered if users could have the ability to withdraw ID added in the next version?
Seems odd to have in browser and Android, but not iOS version…and it’s quite an important function, as it forces users to blind agree or leave IDs as maverick if they have no other option.