iNat recognize identifications in photo descriptions sometimes

I had a look at Forum Topics, but did not find an applicable one… sorry if I missed one.

I noticed that, when uploading photos where I added the identification to the photo, iNat add the identification automatic. This is a great feature and saves me time, as I can only add names, after all photos finished uploading and it can not be done in batches,

However sometimes this feature does not work. I am trying to figure out why: could it be that a one or 2 word name is recognized, but when adding ssp. it does not work?

I added 2 photos as examples. The Black-headed Heron photo uploaded with identification added and the Southern Hadeda photo not.



It always reads tags, the second one is a subspecies, that’s most probably why it’s not working.

Usually spelling errors get me. The system only knows exact matches.

It picks up some common names too, but sometimes not as the species I intended, so I need to be careful there.

Today only 1 out of 7 worked. No spelling mistakes, because I copied and pasted from Taxon pages on iNaturalist.

1 did have a ssp.

Such a great feature if it works.

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