Inat suggestions are no longer loading when I upload a picture

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On the web version, Inaturalist no longer suggests any names when I click on the “species name” after uploading a picture (this is regardless of taxa), why is this and how do I correct it.
This feature works fine on my iphone and it also worked fine on my computer until two days ago.

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It is working fine for me. I think that sometimes either one’s internet connection gets a little crowded or the iNat servers get too busy. If it happens to me I usually just try again a little later. I noticed you posted this about 5 hours ago, is it still not working?

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no it’s still not working, I upload on my iPhone which is connected via the same network as the iMac, and it works fine, it worked fine two and a half days ago but hasn’t since, its just the Inat suggested species that doesn’t work.

The explore button works, all uploads work it’s just the suggested species link when you upload a picture that doesn’t.

Which browser are you using? Have you tried any other browsers?

Can you please send me a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Here are instructions for how to take a screenshot on several types of devices:

works with google chrome, it’s safari that it stopped working on

Works fine for me in Safari 16.4 (18615. on my Macbook. A screenshot would be helpful, as well as other information, such as which device you’re using, whether or not you have any extentions installed, etc.

2017 IMac Retina 4k,
running safari 15.4

screenshot attached but it won’t prove/show anything

The two Inat’s are Chrome on the top and Safari below. The moth shown had its suggestion on Safari on the 20th May, but no suggestions on that moth or anything else on safari since. Chrome lists 3 species when you click on “species name” which is what Safari did on the 20th May. It’s a mystery as I only normally use Safari.