iNat app not giving list of suggestions

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iNat app is not giving a list of suggestions after clicking “What did you see?” It only suggests a genus in which the observation could be.

Step 1: upload photos

Step 2: Click on “What did you see?”

Step 3: only a Genus level shows up. No other possible suggestions.

can you share the original photos? you can email them to and mention this forum thread.

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Sure, I can do this. Did you not get/see the photos i posted?

I can see the screenshots but I want to see the photos that you are trying to upload, the ones that the vision system is trying to identify. The thumbnails here aren’t enough, it’d be great to see the original photos straight out of the iOS photo library.


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Well, doesn’t it happen each time system is sure in that taxon and no other? It’s normal to get one suggestion.

No, it always gives other species suggestions. And the Genus suggestions it is suggesting are way off.

Oh, I misunderstood your request. It’s happening on all the photos I upload. And it only started happening yesterday.

No, not always, it often shows 1 species only, genus is possible too. I didn’t ask if it can happen, because it happens sometimes, but how normal it is in current system. As there’s a new model, it can give some off ids which can be bugs or simply how it as taught.

We uploaded an observation yesterday and got species level suggestions on iOS. Today, with the same photos, it suggests only genus. If we toggle off “show only nearby suggestions,“ then it suggests species level, including the correct ID among them.

Logging out and back in did not change this iOS situation. PC works as expected for us and provides species level suggestions.

Same thing is happening for me. It was fine yesterday morning, but all suggestions starting last night were completely random. Suggesting plants for insects, or insects that were in no way close to my cropped images. In fact, I experimented with an image that I already submitted in which iNat correctly suggested a few days ago. when I ran it through this morning (but didn’t resubmit), the suggestions were haywire. I use Safari.

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It has never acted the way it’s acting. I’m always able to turn off “Show nearby suggestions only.” That way I can see other suggestions. Also, the app seems very confident in its Genus suggestion, but it’s been incorrect a lot ever since yesterday.

Yes, haywire is the perfect description. They need to dump the updates they did yesterday!

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Ran an experiment just now. Loaded three images of same specimen of moth and iNat gave me different random suggestions for each image. Then I selected all and added my location in the left column (I use Safari). Then I unselected all and looked at suggestions and all three gave correct ID. I hope this can be reset back to the way it worked before. :)

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I’m not even able to toggle off the “show only nearby suggestions.” The option doesn’t appear for me.

Yes, that part is not showing up.

If you don’t believe us, try it yourself. The iNat phone app is almost useless right now. Can you please go back to the way it was before the update yesterday?

What do you mean? I said it’s not showing for me either and it’s a clear bug.

Oh, I thought you said it was normal to get only one suggestion.

iOS App won’t even open for us now. Crashes before loading. We will just take a break from the app for now

Can everyone try again now to see if it gives more reasonable suggestions?