iNatForum logo is squashed in mobile view

The iNatForum logo that shows up in the top-left corner of the page looks squashed when in mobile view.

Compare mobile view (

… and desktop view (

the image file seems to be more or less the same between the two views, but it lives in a <div> which has a class title that gets a max-width:75% style property when the view is mobile.


I noticed this a few days ago. It wasn’t like that before.

It is not squashed for me in Chrome, but it is in Firefox and Edge.

i see the issue in Chrome:

Interesting. I’m on latest Chrome release on Windows - no issue:

It might be something to do with Discourse perhaps? I doubt iNat has changed the logo file recently.

It’s only squished for me if I log out.

I haven’t noticed this, but my use of the forum on mobile is more like an app. I don’t remember how I saved it on my home screen, but it’s probably via Chrome. I have noticed the app icon has progressively gotten smaller. The bird used to be too big for the circle, but lately:



I’m having this issue as well. I solved it temporarily by reinstalling the app.

Btw, what’s the point of using a black background for the icon? It doesn’t look nice if you ask me. Can’t it be transparent?

I just prefer dark mode in general. But if you’re asking why dark mode is the way it is, I have no idea.

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No, I meant that circle around the icon. Which, btw, is a square for me.

I use the Discourse app on my iPhone (which I think is just a browser wrapper) and am seeing the squished logo whether or not I’m logged in, and I see it in Safari as well. Maybe Discourse hired the cinematographer who shot The Sandman? (don’t get me started) We haven’t changed the logo on our end. I’ll ask in Discourse Meta.


This seems to have resolved on its own, but we did also add this suggested code today anyway. Looking good on my iPhone in Safari.