iNaturalist app doesn't let me upload photos and sounds from gallery

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1.29.7 (581)

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Since I changed my mobile phone (to a Samsung Galaxy A14) due to the breakage of my previous one, the iNaturalist app does not allow me to upload photos to my observations. When I click on the green “+” button at the bottom right, it sends me to the observation editing menu (ID, notes, date, location, etc). If I click on the camera button and “+”, and I use “Choose image”, it takes me back to the observation editing menu. It also doesn’t allow me to upload the photos if I use the option to share a photo from my phone’s gallery and choose the iNaturalist app. In this case, the observation editing menu appears for half a second, but it closes immediately. I thought that the problem could be due to the permissions of the app, but I have checked in the system that all possible permissions are granted (permission to access the photos included). I also have the latest version of the app available in the Play Store and the latest version of Android that the phone allows me to update. I am very grateful for your help in finding a solution as I am very sad that I can no longer collaborate with the iNaturalist platform.


Thanks for the help. I’m not in the Beta program. I was in Beta program with the previous phone and when I downloaded the application again, I entered and found that it didn’t let me upload observations, so I exited the Beta program and reinstalled the normal iNaturalist from the Play Store application. Is there any other solution? Thanks

the current version of the app should be 1.29.5. what version do you have on your phone currently?

1.29.7 (581)

i think that means you still have the beta version installed.


You were right. There was some problem and after uninstalling again and changing some settings of the play store so that it was also installed on the other past devices (where I understand that the beta version was still going on) it has been solved. Thank you very much!