iNaturalist backlogs and trends?

Is there a page that shows graphs of different types of backlogs on iNaturalist? E.g., if novice users/IDers are signing up at an accelerating rate relative to those who know how (and want to) ID, that situation would probably affect speed to RG ID and such. It would be interesting to see the trends.

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Heya, a heads up that I moved this to reply as a linked topic rather than go down a separate rabbit hole in the feature request you commented in.

You can check some of these trends on the iNaturalist Stats page, which is linked to in the main site header under “More”:

You can add code like ?start_date=2013-01-01 or another date to the URL and then click Zoom: max, though the page can be very slow to load.

e.g. this one week “Time to ID” graph

(Note that the count of users will include a lot of spam accounts, so the observations and ID trends are more meaningful.)


It looks like the biggest trend is still that in northern hemisphere summer things get more backlogged, and then over northern hemisphere winter people do more IDs and reduce the backlog some. It seems like it’s scaled decently with growth at least per that graph.