iNaturalist crashing when trying to access photo library on Android devices

Platform Android 13

App version number, 1.29.14 (588)

Description of problem

Step 1: in My Observations, click (+) icon to add an observation

Step 2: click “Choose Image”

Step 3: iNaturalist immediately crashes

This looks similar to an issue that has multiple forum posts from older app versions / operating systems, just wanted to provide info about it happening again.

I teach a class and it is happening on all of my classroom’s tablets. Operating system and iNat are all up to date on all of them. Under app permission settings, iNaturalist is allowed access to photos and videos on the devices.

We just (like in the last 20 minutes) released an update in the Play Store with fixes for the photo import process. Can you try to update the app one on one of the crashes? I’d be curious to know if this fixed your crash.

App version number , 1.29.18 (592)
Step 3: I can select an image

The update fixed the bug, it no longer crashes when selecting images from the library. Funny timing there! Thank you : )