iNaturalist Updates for December 2023

Here’s a list of iNat updates for December 2023. Thanks for helping to track these, forum moderators!


  • iNat Year in Review released! Generate your personal Year in Review here.
  • Continued work on new mobile app - in pre-Alpha testing with staff
  • Continued work on API v2 - curators can test it and provide feedback, see this thread
  • Many additional translations throughout the websites and apps - you can help


  • You can now delete annotations added to your own observations by other users.
  • Various small bug fixes
  • Updates to Year in Review


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  • No new release.


  • No new release.


  • Released December challenge

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For even more bug fixes and updates, check out iNaturalist on github and see previous monthly updates.


These are great updates! Is there any chance we could request that a like button is added to both solo and project journal posts for more engagement?

And GIFs that translate to the mobile apps.

How would a like button drive more engagement on those?

Note that you can edit a post to add a question to it, rather than make two new posts. Click on the pencil icon.

iNat has never officially supported animated gifs, it’s more of an oversight of supporting GIFs. At some point it’s likely we’ll convert all image files to jpegs to make the database much smaller, which would remove all animation from images.


I can think of one (admittedly niche) use case in which this would be an adverse outcome. In an observation like this one: Phyllocoptes didelphis from Tar River Greenway, Greenville, NC, you can really only see the mite because of the animation. If it became a static image, in all likelihood nobody would be able to distinguish the mite from the debris.

Other than cases like that, which are rare, I agree that gif is an unnecessary use of storage space.

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