iNaturalist Updates for February 2021

Here’s a list of iNat updates that were released in February of 2021. Thank you, @forum_moderators, for keeping track of these!



  • Can now select Ukrainian as a preferred language on the website (currently 40% translated)
  • Several updates to lists (see blog post including updates in the comments)
  • Made it clearer when someone has Filter by Place set on taxon pages
  • Updates to the connection between iNaturalist “About” tabs and Wikipedia
  • Always show who added an observation field
  • Added tooltips to help explain “Casual”, “Needs ID”, and “Research Grade” on observation pages
  • Standardized the format of some pages across the dashboard by removing very old formatting
  • Minor updates to the the design of each user’s Projects page (e.g.
  • Now documenting changes to conservation statuses and taxon geoprivacy (curator username and date)


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  • Updates to the new taxon chooser
  • Fixed a bug in the display of obscured trusted coordinates
  • Performance improvements to observation lists (thank you @hamiltont!)
  • Sort observations in Explore by date added, date observed, date updated, or randomly
  • Hide your own observations in Explore


  • Work toward Android parity, including recording audio for sound observations, common/scientific name preferences - to be released soon


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  • Released the first of four months of NatGeo Nature Challenges
  • Map handling bug fixes
  • Signup screen now has “Learn more” popups explaining data storage and licensing checkboxes
  • Improvements to camera and gallery viewing

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For even more bug fixes and updates, check out iNaturalist on github and see previous monthly updates.


Awesome! Cant wait to see more cool stuff next month!

Didn’t know Ukranian was added, hope we will get even more languages this year! Sad to see many languages are still at 0% while there’re tons of observations from these countries.


And now the page is much worse to use, after all the project titles are trimmed to 20 characters.
And in your link, there are 7 projects called “City Nature Chall…”, 6 of they have the same icon.

Thank you for all the improvements! My favorite one of this list is the taxon chooser update for Andriod.

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Agreed but when I open the page in Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge and hover my cursor on each item, the URL shows up at the bottom left frame with the full name of the project - this may be a small consolation or hassle for some but workable for others.

Thank you everyone who helped make this happen!

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Not sure when this happened, but I’m really happy that the list of suggested IDs hides suggestions not found in the area on the website. Are there plans to incorporate this function into the app?


It’s currently out in the Android app and will be out in the iOS app soon.


I’m really hopeful this will reduce the rates of bad IDs that are way out of range.


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