Inconsistent display of names in iOS app

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Platform: iOS 13.6 (with language set to Japanese)

App version number: 2.8.7

My account is set up to show scientific names before common names, and common names in Japanese. This is how it appears when using a browser but in the iOS app it appears to be randomly displaying scientific or common names in Japanese or English.

I have not been able to find any separate settings for the display of names in the app so assume it should take them from the account. Since the primary is the scientific name I would expect that to be the one chosen for the name in the app (since it seems only one name can be displayed). However, that seems to be the least used. The second most frequent display is the common name in Japanese and the most frequent is the one which I have not selected at all which is the English common name.

The screenshot below shows examples of each type.

Edited to add another example.
There’s further inconsistency in the comments section of an observation. The example below displays the Japanese common name followed by the scientific name. This is how it appears in the web interface (although the order is reversed). My initial ID listed below it shows the English common name.


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This is a known bug in the app, there should be a fix in the next update. I’ve been testing the beta version out with French and the common names are much more consistent.

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