Incorrect record appears on taxon page map

Platform: website

Browser: Chrome



Description of problem:

Step 1: Go to the species page for Common Cuckoo :

Step 2: Click on map tab

Step 3: click on the record in the central USA. The record is for a different species - Yellow-billed Cuckoo. There is only 1 id on the record

says common cuckoo for me

it looks like there are lots of problems with that taxon map (besides what’s mentioned here).

this particular problem may have been reported before as a problem that is not easily reproduced:

UPDATE: just for reference, here are some of the other problems that i hinted at above:

  1. if the map loads at zoom level 2 (the worldwide view, or the lowest zoom possible on the website maps), the map is sometimes unclickable until you zoom in. (i’m not sure what the exact conditions are that make the map unclickable. this may be related to a problem on the Explore map where certain parts of the map are unclickable at the default zoom level 2.)
  2. in the layers selector, you get the options of 3 observations layers – verifiable, w/o media, and captive / cultivated. the verifiable selector works as you would expect a checkbox to, but if, say, verifiable and w/o media are both unchecked, and i check w/o media, the verifiable box also gets checked. so i have to then uncheck verifiable after that if i want to see only w/o media observations. a similar behavior happens with the captive / cultivated selector.
  3. similar to the above, there’s checkbox next to the taxon to turn all taxon layers off or on. if it’s checked, and i want to uncheck it (say, just to get a better look at the underlying basemap), i have click it twice to make it stick. clicking the first time seems to uncheck it only ever so briefly before it gets checked again.
  4. the observations w/o media layer is a maroon color, and the verifiable observations layer is a red. those colors are very similar. if you’re not paying attention and you have them both turned on, you might think you’re looking at just one layer. the problem is that each layer has its own density opacity scaling. since w/o media observations tend to be less common, small numbers such of observations may show up very dark/opaque, even as larger numbers of verifiable observations in the same spot may show up very light. maybe the colors of the 2 layers here could be separated a little more so they’re more obviously different layers, or else maybe an alternative way of showing these different subsets could be considered. (the other problem with 2 layers is that the top layer always takes precedence over the bottom layer. so in this case, the w/o media observations is on top, and if there are both verifiable and w/o media layers in the same cell, then if you click on such a cell, a w/o media observation will always be shown in the pop-up, even if it’s not the most recent observation at that spot.)
  5. (minor) the full screen toggle button is supposed to show up right below the layer selector button. but if you open up the layer selector menu early enough while the page is loading then the full screen toggle button shows up further down, below the space occupied by the layer selector menu:
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Unless I’m missing something, the “Common Cuckoo” in the central U.S. just looks like an erroneous ID, not a bug. Obviously it is highly likely to be a Yellow-billed Cuckoo, but I would be hard pressed to ID it from the photo. This just seems like a community ID situation which will resolve itself with further attention.

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If you click on a record on a taxon page map to open that record preview without jumping to the observation details page, then change the taxon on the taxon page, the original preview will still display on the taxon map.

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this is true, but i think that’s a separate problem. see:

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That’s not the bug I was commenting on. Yes that is simply a misidentification. however the bug i was raising was that when i clicked on it, it went to a totally different record. It was a casual photoless record imported from an ebird list of a yellow billed cuckoo.

As was stated above it seems to be some kind of transient issue (I was unaware of that post when I added this).

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should we consolidate this with the other bug report? that one is still open:

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