Increase number of image uploads at once on iOS app

On iOS it takes a long time to add photos for each observation and fill in detail.
( I find it time-consuming enough it puts me off uploading images despite taking them )
So I wondered if there could be a way to upload more at once.

The main options I wanted to request are:

  • increasing limit from 4 photos at a time to more
  • being able to multi-select more than one observation at a time for upload

For iOS we’re using Apple’s built-in image chooser and I’m not sure it allows one to pick more than four at a time, I’d have to double check.

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ahh right, I wondered why that was a limit

is it the one called PHPickerviewcontroller?
if so, seems like the limit might be possible to change
I guess would make it harder to do the second aspect though

I editted the title as it seemed unclear

Sure - it just takes more clicks. You have to navigate back to the original place in your photo reel… ensure you haven’t already uploaded the other photos, etc.

Its already time-consuming in comparison to desktop to have to add observations one at a time,
why make it even more time-consuming by limiting initial upload to 4?

If its a limit in the built-in chooser Tiwane mentions, that’s one thing, …but otherwise, I think its an unnecessary hindrance.

I agree, a ‘bookmark’ on the scroll screen where it goes back to the last position when you reopen it would help much more than changing the image upload limitation (though that would be good too); if I take hundreds of pictures on a hike I don’t want to scroll back hundreds of times to make each new observation. Not sure if that is technically possible but it would be great.


@brian_d - ahh right I see :)

@wildskyflower - yes, I have wondered about feature requesting that too - but perhaps it should just form part of this request then - its true this also has significant impact - especially if you are uploading a large number of observations or if you have to upload something from before the last days.
It would also be amazing if it could remember which ones you have already uploaded and grey them out (even if just with regard to uploads in the current session) imagine thats also a little more complex to implement though.


Yeah if I have taken hikes on two consecutive days and taken 1000 photos adding observations through the app is effectively impossible because of all the scrolling and guessing which thumbnail I have already added, especially because sometimes the app will randomly crash and I have to restart an observation

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