Increase number of image uploads at once on iOS app

On iOS it takes a long time to add photos for each observation and fill in detail.
( I find it time-consuming enough it puts me off uploading images despite taking them )
So I wondered if there could be a way to upload more at once.

The main options I wanted to request are:

  • increasing limit from 4 photos at a time to more
  • being able to multi-select more than one observation at a time for upload

For iOS we’re using Apple’s built-in image chooser and I’m not sure it allows one to pick more than four at a time, I’d have to double check.

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ahh right, I wondered why that was a limit

is it the one called PHPickerviewcontroller?
if so, seems like the limit might be possible to change
I guess would make it harder to do the second aspect though

I editted the title as it seemed unclear