Indexing issue? Project species count not increasing

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Step 1: Visit Project page for Biodiversity Galiano:

Step 2: Add observations representing taxa not previously observed on this project. You could try adding a monkey to test…

Step 3: The ‘Species’ counter for the project has not changed after many new additions. These new additions are clear when you visit the Observation page and note that there are no other cases of that species occurring on the island (the project boundary). Whether or not an observation is ‘RG’ does not influence things. The species counter has remained fixed at ‘2,399’ for quite a while now…

I have had a similar issue in the past where species counts actually decreased on a project, which was referred to by devs as an “indexing issue”. I wonder if something similar is going on?

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The counter just went up 1 spp—but I’ve added several species new to this project in recent days which haven’t yet registered. Again, I don’t think this has to do with whether or not species are RG…

I added a Leopard Seal observation (since deleted) and saw the species count increase pretty much right away. Any specific URL of an observation that doesn’t seem to be increasing the species count?

This is really odd indeed. Here were the observations I added that did not seem to result in a species count increase. It’s pretty hard to judge this issue… but I only posted to this forum after a series of observations of novel species did not change the counter. (two obs of this same species were added in close succession)

The reason I twigged to this issue was because I was waiting for the 2,400th species to be counted, to share a post regarding the progress of this project on social media. After seeing several new species added, without that count changing, I figured I would report the issue as I had seen similar “indexing” issues before.

Maybe it was a latency that has since been resolved? Hard to know!

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Thanks for looking into it, anyway, @tiwane —I appreciate that this hardly a priority issue.


Perhaps it was a temporary thing. I just added a Giant Squid observation (alas, now deleted) to the project the species count went immediately.