Interactions with SimpleMappr?

I’m seeing an irregular problem in a couple of my journal posts in which I have embedded maps created using SimpleMappr.
An example is the map of South American records of the moth genus Eudesmia which should be displayed in this journal article:
and here is how the map is supposed to be displayed:

I’m not posting this as a Bug Report because I think the issue is external to iNaturalist but I’m not sure. Usually the embedded map is displayed but just episodically, it disappears from the journal post. The code for embedding the map is still there, but the map is not displayed. I have a hunch that this happens either when I sign out of the SimpleMappr website or sign out of the associated Google account, but I haven’t been able to discern why/when it happens.

Q: Has anyone else had issues with objects embedded from 3rd-party websites that just periodically disappear and reappear?

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It would probably be a lot safer to export the map as a PNG or JPEG and use that file in your journal post rather than trying to embed the file from a 3rd party service.

@zygy Perhaps you’re right, but that still involves exporting from SimpleMappr to a different 3rd-party site like Flickr and using the embedding code from there to place the image in the journal article. To my knowledge, there is still no pathway to upload a stand-along JPEG or PNG file from my own hard drive directly into a journal entry. Am I overlooking something?

when i looked at the SimpleMappr site yesterday, it was completely offline for a moment. so if the website goes down a lot, that would explain why you sometimes don’t see / can’t access maps stored there.

if the site is unreliable enough that it bothers you, then saving your maps to a more reliable site would make your journal post contents display more reliably.

Where I’m working it’s blocked for some reason, so I can only see if if I use a VPN.

Anyone looking at their journal will have a similar issue.

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