"Internal server error" when IDing "state of matter life" observations

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Step 1: click “compare” on the Life-id from another user to get cv suggestion

Step 2: as source choose “visually similar”

Step 3: error pop-up

Happens also in ID mode. Reproducable as long as taxon is “life” and source “visually similiar”.


I can reproduce using the link above. Here is the problematic request (note that this doesn’t work without the headers inserted from the observation page):


It gives a 500 internal server error.

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I can reproduce in Chrome.


I’ve been meaning to report this issue as well - I first noticed it earlier this week. I’m using Firefox.

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Weird, it just popped up for me on this observation which is IDed to Bees. Does it happen for others on that observation as well?

If I switch the taxon manually to Life then it does - if I just leave it as Bees, it works fine.

Using Chrome

OK weird, it’s working for me now. FWIW I didn’t see any errors in the console when it wasn’t working.

This is what it looks like for me setting Life manually on the bees