iOS app 'observe from camera roll' search function not working

Platform: iOS 14.3

App version number: 3.1.1, build 626

Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Description of problem: Uploading old observations yesterday it was working (I only noticed the search bar recently somehow haha, big help for old stuff!) Today it’s not letting me search like it was. (ie: searching “august 14”)

Step 1: Observe

Step 2: Camera Roll

Step 3: type a date, location, etc. but nothing comes up

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Hi Leah, the screenshot link is broken for me - can you re-upload the screenshot here on the forum? You can add images here directly, no need to upload to a separate website.


Uploaded it, thanks for letting me know! :)


Working for me on my iPhone XS running iOS 14.4 and iNat app version 3.1.1 (626).

  • do you have iCloud photo backup turned on?
  • can you please share a screenshot of your iNat permissions? To find those, go to the Settings app → scroll down to iNaturalist → Tap on iNaturalist. Should look something like this:

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Today it stopped working in the photos app as well, so I tried updating to 14.4 (I checked my permissions and it seems our iOS was the only thing setting us apart). Thankfully that did the trick! No clue why it started or why it affected iNat first, but I’m glad its fixed! I’ll keep an eye on it (and be less lazy about updating lol). Thanks!

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Glad it’s working!

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