iOS phone app not offering AI suggestions, again

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Step 1: Platform: iPhone13 iOS 16.5.1 (20F75)

Using Safari as browser.

Step 2: The app is not giving AI suggestions after clicking on the “what did you see” section (photo 1). All I get is a space to input my own suggestion (photo 2).

This is the same exact issue the app had at one point in the last year or two.

Step 3:

not the same as this:

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Correct. I thought it was the same issue, but it’s only similar. With this new issue there isn’t even a suggestion offered. All I get is a blank bar to look up a species name.

Thank you, @pisum !!

If you go to the Settings screen in the app (Me tab, then tap on the gear icon), is “Suggest species” turned on? It might have been accidentally turned off due to this bug.


Ok, you’re a genius! Lol! Yes, that was the issue. Ugh! Sorry to bother you with this. I should have looked at my settings first.
Issue solved!
Thank you!

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No worries! It’s not your fault, it was a bug.