Is it possible to Follow a particular species or genera or even family?

Currently it appears that I can only follow the Taxon “Plants” for Australia. I would like to be more targeted about observations that appear. Is it possible to follow individual species, genera or families of plants?

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Yes, on the website at least (don’t know about the phone apps). From your dashboard, scroll down to the “Subscribe to a Taxon” button in the rightmost column. From there, there’s a “Choose a taxon (optional)” box. The dropdown list only has the iconic higher level taxa, but you can type any taxon level into the box. Perhaps the wording in the box should be changed to “Enter a taxon name.”


Wow! I can’t believe I missed that. I agree, “Enter a Taxon Name” would be a more appropriate wording. Thanks very much.


From your user name I’m guessing that you might be interested in following certain mangrove taxa.

Take a look at the following project, it might be up your alley.



I’m in a remote area of Cambodia and work for a marine conservation project specialising in coral reef, seagrass and seahorse population monitoring. I have a bunch of mangrove photos, lightbox foliage photos and pressings from the local area.

I’d like to add what I’ve found to iNaturalist and contribute to your project. Does the project you linked to pick up observations automatically or is it best to join? I can add a bunch of observations from the local islands and mangrove forests and creeks, however have only a basic knowledge in the field.

I’m probably of little use joining the project if the observations are picked up anyway, but happy that I can contribute where I see that there are no listings anywhere near my area yet.


welcome to the forum, @mangrovewatch and @rojodiver !

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It should automatically pull observations if they fall in the included taxa. All of my observations are included in it and I didn’t actively add any in.

It was @upupa-epops who set the project up, so they’d be the best person to ask about the specifics of it.

Joining a project is a good way to learn more about the taxa represented in the project or in the region, so I don’t really see a downside to joining the project.

Where in Cambodia are you working? I’m the director of an environmental conservation NGO on an island in NE Vietnam.

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Hi Rob, happy to help with ID’s as needed. Just tag @mangrovewatch in the observations and I can assist. Also, to assist your own identification you may wish to consult Duke (2014) MangroveID app, which contains a comprehensive (updated) list of the world’s mangrove species with descriptors. (Android) and (Apple). Happy mangroving!

Thanks. I’ve just joined up.

Yep, it’s a collection project so it automatically collects observations of the taxa listed. I just set it with those taxa based on Wikipedia and a couple papers I found and don’t actually know anything about mangroves, so feel free to discuss changing the list.