Is there a way for me to select English only when my region is set for multiple languages?

By its very definition something to support users for untranslated languages is meant to support smaller numbers of users.

There already exist the places in the geography hierarchy to support the 2 language communities, but both seem to want to use the exact same one. Were for example the Afrikaans be entered under the nation of South Africa it would have no impact on the Southern African region and the names there as it is not a child of Southern Africa.

Has there even been any attempt to discuss and work out a compromise with the person(s) entering the Afrikaans names, or have you simply decided to go ahead and enter English names and ensure theirs disappear?

The system does what users here want, specifically because the ‘Southern Africa’ place is outside the geography hierarchy.

Ardea cinerea currently has an English name set to use in place ‘Region Southern Africa’, and Afrikaans name set to use in place ‘Nation South Africa’ an even a Zulu name set for province KwaZulu-Natal.

Running the site in English if you set you prioritize name to place Region Southern Africa you see the English name, if you set it to Nation South Africa you see the Afrikaans and if you set it to Province KwaZulu-Natal you see the Zulu.

The only problem here is both communities insisting they have to use the same place.

heya, since the question has been answered and there is an open feature request related to this topic, and because it sounds like y’all are pretty much having a 1:1 conversation, I’m going to close this and recommend you message each other to discuss the issue.

For folks who want to be able to select a common name language, check out

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