Turn off notifications for specific taxon or user

I searched for this topic and couldn’t find it so apologies if it has been addressed.

Is there a way to stop receiving notifications from a particular user’s activity? One user is going through hundreds of records of a particular taxon they are knowledgeable about and putting subspecies names on them. That is great and certainly will help “future proof” the taxon should it be split.

The problem is I am getting dozens of notifications in my feed every day as this user updates a record and I am unable to filter down to the notifications that might need my attention. I don’t want to “block” this user per se, I just don’t want to receive a notification every single time they add a subspecies name to this taxon’s records.

Is there a way to opt out of notifications about a taxon or from one particular user’s activity?


You can mute them.


edit profile settings → relationships menu. Remember to click save


Lol I knew exactly which taxon you’re talking about before I even clicked on this. I agree it’s not a bad thing, but man, my notifications have been absolutely swamped and I’m sure I’m missing stuff in the tidal wave.

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