Is there a way to group observations?

I’m wondering if there is a way I could group my garden plants once I upload them so that I know what they are. They’re all casual and I want to separate them from the rest of my identifications.

Your Observations → Filters → Captive.

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So I would just use the filter if I wanted to seel all the captive/ curated ones?

I think if you apply the filter you should be able to answer that question for yourself. However, for curated observations (which I assume means museum/mounted specimens?), I’m not entirely sure, since typically those would have a location and date of collection.

Keep in mind also casual observations become so because certain “Data quality assessments” aren’t met, eg. no photo, no location, no date, organism isn’t wild etc. So one would have to mark potted plants as a not-wild organism first.

There is also an iNaturalist help page (, which answers a lot of the basic questions one might have in terms of using the website.

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Thank you

You could create a Project just for your own Observations in your garden; others have done it and there’s even an umbrella group of home Projects. The only caution I would offer is that when I post Observations in or near my home I obscure the location for privacy’s sake. That might depend on where you live.

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Oo Ill try that out that seems really helpful thank you

I think the most sensible option is to just use Tags. You can batch apply tags, you can search your observations for the tag, etc. etc. This is how I group my microscopy observations so they are gathered by observation session. Much more flexible than a project. You could have a tag for things you planted, a tag for things that sprung up on their own, a tag for this season or that season or whatever strikes you as important.


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