Issue With Download Query - reviewed=true


Today I’m not able to use the same URL for downloading records that I’ve identified. Here’s a copy of the URL I had been using over the past week along with several screen shots:

When I place this URL above in the box shown below and I press the tab key the following appears in the same box:

The Preview has the right number at 11,066 but the downloaded file only has 300+ records out of the 11,066:

For some reason the ident_user_id=nycbirder doesn’t stick after pasting the URL above which does have the parameter ident_user_id=nycbirder.

Here’s what the query looked like recently when the download worked:

Sometimes it says that it can’t produce a file over 200,000 records even though the preview shows 11,066 records.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.