It's too hard to cut text in an edit in the comments box because the lines scroll up or down too fast to cut the intended text

It’s too hard to cut text in an edit in the comment box because the lines scroll up or down too fast to cut the intended text if it covers more than one line.

Can you provide a screenshot or further explain where on the website or app(s) you’re referring to? Thanks!


Stewart, there are two small diagonal lines in the bottom right corner of the text box. If you click on them and drag them down, you can expand the box to whatever size you wish.

Hope this helps :D


[EDIT] I am speaking in regards to editing on the website.

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Thank you Nick! I finally found it! (That said, I have yet to see how much easier edits are.)


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I don’t think this is a bug, as the site is behaving as designed, but it would be good to see a screenshot of what you’re seeing, @stewartwechsler

@tiwane I don’t know how I would provide a screen shot, nor do I know very well how to use the site as it was designed. (I grew up before the computer age, and often feel I am behind the curve on these things.) That said, I will see how it works in the future now that Nick has showed me the place I click and drag to make the comments screen larger.

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Another tip that can help, especially when you want to highlight a block that is larger than the comment box, is to place the cursor at the start or end of the text you want to select for copy/cut. You can do that by clicking or moving the cursor with the arrow keys on the keyboard. When you have the cursor at start or end, hold down the shift key while you use the arrow keys to move to the other end of the text you want to select. Up and down arrow will extend or shrink the selection a whole line at a time, and left and right will do so one character at a time. Then when you are done, you can let go of the shift key and do your copy or cut. There is a keyboard shortcut for those too, ctrl-C for copy, ctrl-X for cut, ctrl-V for paste. I remember them by thinking of C for copy, X looks like scissors, and V looks like a brushtip (for pasting glue!)

note: this is for PC, it will be different I think for Apple

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Thank you kiwifergus for your suggestions. That said, I doubt I will have an easy time following them. Following and remembering a series of instructions isn’t one of my fortes. I am better at identifying species. I may yet see if I can find your comments the next time I try to do the cutting and pasting, but I don’t know how easily I will do that either. I am using a PC, but as I alluded to earlier, I expect I’m not using it as smoothly as those who grew up in the computer age, and then didn’t live without one, or without internet, through a chunk of time that most around me, and my age, were using both.

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You are not alone in that regard, I am sure! Persevere, technology is a steep learning curve, but the benefits are worth it!

I “learnt my technology” back in the 80’s when it was not widely used. I started teaching an adult education class on computers, and discovered that for a lot of people, it is not intuitive to learn this stuff. I started to rely on analogy a lot to help explain things, and so on. One thing that really helped, was to encourage new tech users to keep a notebook, and jot down stuff that might help. This was in the days when all programs used different key commands, so copy on one program was different to copy on another, and so I encouraged them to make up a “cheat sheet” for each program, and keep it by their computer. Then when they were using WordPerfect for example, they would get out their cheat sheet for Wordperfect and put it behind their keyboard so they could see it while they used the program. Windows came along and started to standardise a lot of the commands, so now you will find that ctrl-C, for instance, is the keyboard command for copy in almost every situation on computers and programs.

I strongly recommend finding a tech savvy local near you to work closely with, perhaps one that is keen to learn from you your knowledge of species. You will not remember 95% of what they show or explain to you as you do things, but by osmosis, the important (often repeated) stuff does get through :)

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No worries, my guess is that Nick’s suggestion will work, I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a real bug here. For what it’s worth, here are instructions for how to take a screenshot. It’s also available in the “About the Bug Reports Category” post. Thank you for helping to identify observations on iNat!

That was my word processor of choice in the early 90s. :-P

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