Kildor tool to download specific taxon?

I am trying to download a plant species list from a specific location over a specific date range. The Kildor tools are great, but the one I most need, Species List, doesn’t seem to have a filter for Taxon. I tried putting “Plantae” or “plants” or “Taxon id = 47126” or “47126” in the Additional Parameters field, but to no avail - it downloads all species. The New Species tool has space for Taxon, but that tool is limited to observations of new species over the time range. I suspect there is a way to do this, but I can’t figure it out. Any ideas?

for anyone wondering what these are, see

the additional parameters field on this page seems to accept the same parameters as accepted by the iNat API. so you would use that syntax. in this case, plants would be either taxon_id=47126 or iconic_taxa=plantae.

here’s how it would be applied to @kildor’s Species List page:

for more information about (API) parameters, see:

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I cannot thank you enough - you have saved me hours of trimming an Excel file of all the non-plants. I will take a look at the API parameters for future reference. Greatly appreciated.

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You could write me and ask for adding such filter)

PS: I’ve thought about iconic taxa field, but first there were some problems with icons, and next I completely forgot about this.

Also, should “iconic taxon name” be added to CSV output?

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