Limit Cache Size or Allow Cache Clearing for Apps

Files by Google (screenshotted above) was not in the default apps for the Motorola Moto G series when I started using the app. The Files by Google app is far more capable than than the native Motorola Moto File Manager. The app is available for Android phones at:

It seems to be user data that grows until a user logs out and back in.

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So we actually did do something about this last fall. Is anyone running the latest version of the app still experiencing massive disk usage (like gigabytes)?

i’m at 1.74 gigs right now (2.8.7 test version).

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Can you (and anyone else still experiencing this) include a screenshot showing the disk use?

Not quite yet a gig on my Motorola Moto G7, but almost:

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And yeah I gotta deal with my twitter too.

Not sure how to get that other screen


I suspect that the > symbol on the right side of the screen might link to details on storage, but I am not certain.

iNaturalist app for Android

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Android users, version 1.18.11 (417) should have additional logging to help us see where exactly this space is getting used. If the app is taking up more than a gigabyte of space on your phone, please go to the Settings view, tap the version number three times, and email us your log data (you only need to send us a single day’s worth). Please also include a screenshot showing the amount of space the app is using.


2 Gigabytes i wish my Inaturalist TAKES UP 15!!! Thank heavens i have an SD card.


Mine is 15.24 GB thats not normal? Correction i guess it takes up 16.27 GBs?


Not normal. Please follow the instructions above and send us some log data.

I’d like to point out that logging out then back in does not help on iPhone. My app was taking 11 gigs and making my phone unable to update. I logged out and in yesterday to clear the cache, it was then taking less than 100 mb of space. Today it’s back to 11 gigs.

If there is not way to clear this data I think I have to uninstall the app, which would be too bad but it’s making my phone inoperable.

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note that as long as everything you need to upload is uploaded… you can uninstall the app then reinstall it and it should reset the cache. I’ve had to do that with other apps.

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It is Huge. 17,48 GB

iNaturalist Grootte 20,2MB
Documenten 17,48 GB

iPone SE2020
iNaturalist 2.8.7 build 558
SDImageCache 11 files
Un-Uploaden 5,409 files 11GB

iNaturalist Android app 1.23.11 (500)
Android 10 QKQ1.200512.002

  1. Logout/Login does not help
    Total 17.91GB->17.69GB

  2. Clear the cache helps a bit, but Userdata is almost not changed.
    Clearing cache:
    Userdata: 17.66Gb->16.52GB
    Cache: 1.15Gb-> 3.06MB

  3. Remove all data really helps.
    Clearing userdata:
    Userdata: 16.52GB->0GB
    Cache: 3.06MB->0B

  4. Screenshot_2021-08-10-12-40-19-982_com.miui.securitycenter

Clearing the cache does not solve the problem. Cache is not much, it is the User data.
Maybe I should raise a second feature request with the option to limit the User Data size.


logs will be send send

Yes, I do!

[quote=“charlie, post:1, topic:2059, full:true”]
Currently the only way to clear the cache is to sign out then back in, or delete and re-install the app. [/quote]

Logout/Login does not clear the User data, Cleaning cache (Android) does not but removing user data (Android) does but it also removes my sophisticated password I do not know by heart…

The issue is reopened on Github

User data exeeds the 17GB. I think it is a bit too much. Can cleaning User data for Android Xaomi-phones be included in this feature request or should I raise a new feature request:
‘’ [Limit User Data Size or Allow User Data Clearing for Android iNaturalist app without loosing the password]"(

@zoology123 Did you send log data to the helpdesk?

Can I ask a dumb question? How do you “log out and back in”? When I touch the INat icon on my iPhone, it comes up without asking me to log in in any way. And if that isn’t working for many people, is there another trick?