Make description visible in Annotations tab

Last weeks I have lots of problems with identifiers not seeing my description of photos if it’s not left in comments. If it was visible without changing pages while in identification tab it could solve lots of misinterpretations.

Unless something has recently changed, it is visible in the Identify tab.

I think I even have a screenshot on another post on this forum showing it.

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Just checked, descriptions are still there (recent observation) :

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They’re showing only on one page, while you can add annotations without knowing what the observation is about.

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Yes, annotations is a different tab, but it’s the same pop-up window.

Are you saying your suggestion is that the description be displayed on every tab of the Identify window, instead of just on the Info tab?

You’re right, yes.

Ah, I see. I could see that being useful for the new alive/dead annotation, or for the DQA (if a description described something as feral or growing wild).

You might want to edit your topic title to clear that up. :slightly_smiling_face:
Something like “Make description visible in observation every tab in Identify

Perhaps it would be good if the whole section at the top of the Info tab was included in the other tabs, like this:


@melodi_96 what in the description would have changed the annotation an IDer would give? Do you have any examples? I’m just curious.

If you don’t know which organism is on the observation you can’t add annotations right, as I said I had some problems with description not visible, e.g.
If those people were adding annotations (in first example), they’d add blooming and flower budding, while the plant on the observation has neither flowers or flower buds.

If there’s several different species/individuals in a single photo, the description should (ideally) make it clear which one is the subject of the observation.