Make header navigation always visible

This forum has a (tool?) bar that stays at the top, always visible. This aids in navigation, especially when you’ve scrolled far down a page. But the main iNat page does not. Could you turn that on so it stays visible?

For clarity, this is the always visible forum header:

And this is what I assume the requester would like to have always visible on iNat:


That’s correct. I was about to paste that in myself to show people. Thanks.


Looking at the page source…it could easily be done in the CSS of the site.

Maybe they will implement it soon.

Maybe make it on/off by choice, because some may not like it on (me included)?


Have you noticed that it’s on in the forum? Or is there a way to shut it off here?

Yes, but I don’t know of a way to turn it off.

Heh, heh, so one is off and can’t turn on, and one is on and can’t turn off. ;) I hope they use the same code and can just make them both on/off by choice. I really want to be able to jump to another area without scrolling all the way back up. Cheers