Make number of observations on the page in identification mode changable

As we all are using different screens is there a way of making the number of observations on the identification page changing depending on it? (without manually changing the url)

Just to add a bit more description:
By default the Identify page displays 30 observation thumbnails at a time. Depending on your screen size, this may fit as an even number, for example, 6 rows of 5 images. But you may also have blank spaces, like if your screen fits 7 across each row, there are 5 blank spaces at the bottom:

You can change the number of observations per page by adding `&per_page=35’, but the request is to have the number of thumbnails change dynamically so that the page is always full regardless of your screen size.


I’d bet that as written this might be a big ask. But if it weren’t dynamic, and simply detected the window size when the page was loaded (and doesn’t load/unload when the window size changes, but only when the page is reloaded) that might be more manageable.

(or maybe this is easy, I don’t know.)

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Yes, I believe it’s easer to set on the loading moment.