Maps missing on Taxon Info pages

The maps are missing from the pages with taxon information. I tested Cardamine penduliflora and Pseudotsuga menziesii after someone else contacted me about the issue. Those maps are really helpful for identification and for correcting out-of-range observations, so I can’t believe you all removed them on purpose.

Can you share a bit more info, like a screenshot or URL of where you’re referring to?

Here’s what I see on those taxon pages (Map tab):

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This is what I see for Douglas-fir:

The staff made a change recently that set the “About” tab as default (I think to help with scaling/reducing the load on the website) - click that Map tab and it should be “sticky” and stay on the Map tab when you go to other pages.


Aha! It was just hidden. Still there but not visible until I clicked on a button. I liked seeing the map right away, but can work with this.


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