Misleading observations

Is it possible to ask for deletion of an observation? I have found a photo that is actually a photo of a photo in a book tagged with a location where the plant has never been found… It is unclear to me how I can ask it do be removed as it is misleading.

that would be a copyright infringement, so flag the photo as copyright infringement and it will remove the observation from the maps and research grade. Or link it here and someone here will do it. Thanks for finding it!

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No, observations are not deleted by iNaturalist unless there is something obscene, racist, etc. There are ways to deal with observations that are likely of poor data quality, either by flagging the photo/observation and/or voting in the Data Quality Assessment.

If you can post the URL of the observation here, that would be helpful.

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Thanks, I have flagged it: https://www.inaturalist.org/photos/18494155

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