Move "Reviewed" checkbox to left-hand panel of Identify window

I’m sorry if this has been mentioned somewhere else. I like to use the Identify section to go through and add annotations to observations, and I love that it’s quick and easy to do using the keyboard shortcuts. I typically Shift+right arrow across from the “Info” tab to the “Annotations” tab, and then go from one observation to the next using the right arrow. I usually like to press the R key to mark an observation once I’ve added annotations, because adding annotations doesn’t automatically mark the observation as reviewed. This is no problem in itself, but I can’t verify that an observation is reviewed unless I go back to the “Info” tab to take a look at the “Reviewed” checkbox. I think it’d be great if the “Reviewed” checkbox could be moved to the left-hand pane of the Identify window alongside the “Captive / Cultivated” and “Add to Favorites” toggles so that you can see it regardless of which tab you’re on.

I have no votes but will put one on this when I get one freed up…

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Actually, looking at that screen, this would probably be a very simple change, and I can’t imagine any downside to it! Perhaps just tagging @tiwane and @kueda to see if this could be actioned…


@crellow do you use any filters before you start annotating, like do you restrict the search to say, only Lepidoptera, or do you go through a random assortment of them? If the former, you might need to mark them as reviewed if you use a filter like this:

I would typically do something like the below, where I’ve filtered for a particular taxon and made sure to check Research Grade. I don’t typically filter for observations that don’t have particular annotations, as you appear to have done, because in my experience most people don’t annotate their observations anyway, and it’s no problem to agree with someone else’s annotation if they did happen to make one. I do make sure to mark the observations I annotate as reviewed.


It has been done. Thanks Ken-ichi!


A big thank-you from me, too, though for a different reason. I kept clicking the “Reviewed” button accidentally when I was aiming for “Agree”. The small change of location has noticeably reduced my fumble rate.


That’s awesome. Thankyou!