Adding an observation field in Identify undoes ticking the Reviewed button while it is being added

Sorry for the long title, I couldn’t work out how to make it more concise! Just a little bug that has started to become annoying. From the identify page, if I go to the annotations tab then add an observation field, if I then click the “Reviewed” checkbox (or press R), once the observation field finishes loading properly it reverts the checkbox to whatever it was before I had clicked it.

So for example, I have this observation here:

I decide to add an observation field:

Before the observation field has finished loading, I try to unreview the sighting by ticking the Reviewed box:

Once the observation field finishes loading, the Reviewed box reverts back to what it was before the field was added:

As I said, just a very minor bug but it has started to become quite annoying and I figure it wouldn’t be too difficult to fix.

Some additional things:
It doesn’t happen every time, but it happens often enough that I can easily replicate it.
If I flick back to the Info tab before the observation field has finished loading, it doesn’t revert the Reviewed box.
I haven’t tried to see if it happens with any of the other boxes (e.g. Captive’Cultivated).

Presuming it’s not important but I’m using the website via Chrome.

Just my two cents, but this is a common problem across the web apps. It occurs whenever two asynchronous message calls interfere with one another. For example, on an observation page, clicking “agree” and adding an annotation often collide. I don’t know if there’s a general fix.


Ahhh interesting, maybe not an easy fix then :/ I’ve never had an issue with adding an identification and adding an annotation though - who knows the reason :P