Name of favorites tab is bugged

When I go to another user’s favorites page (or mine when I’m logged out), the name of the tab is as shown here:

This occurs on all web browsers I’ve tested.

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' is the HTML entity code representing the apostrophe character, so there must be some unintentional escaping of that character somewhere.

I’m not actually seeing this bug though. I’m seeing the tab name as:
Screen Shot 2021-06-04 at 10.03.47 PM

So either this code has changed very recently or there’s some configuration difference between my account and zdanko’s account that causes the tab’s name (webpage’s HTML title) to be different.

What browser are you using?

I never looked at the tabs much but there is some escaping going on as if you look at the source the & is escaped as & when it shouldn’t be.

I was using Safari on Mac. But it would be extremely surprising for the HTML page title to be different on different browsers.

I also tried Chrome and Firefox just now on Mac and I continue to get “Favorites, zdanko • iNaturalist”. Mysterious!

Must be a Mac thing then. Sadly I only have Dell and HP computers to test on, hopefully someone else can take a look.

It would be very odd for the HTML page title to depend on the hardware configuration. Maybe some more people can try different browser+hardware setups to narrow this down.

Aha, I have figured out part of the mystery. There are multiple ways to get to pages displaying someone’s Favorites, and those pages are not the same (and have different HTML titles).

I was doing this:

  1. Go to someone’s Profile page.
  2. Click on “Lists” (either in the left sidebar or in the row of “tabs” at top)
  3. Click on “Favorites”

This leads to a page titled “Favorites, user-name-here”.

But if I instead do this:

  1. Go to someone’s Profile page
  2. Click on “Favorites” in the row of “tabs” at top

This leads to a page titled “user-name-here’s Favorites”

So I’m sure we are all seeing the same behavior across all the browsers.


So yeah, as @reiner said, in the <title> element, what should be “&#39;” is instead “&amp;#39;”.

I don’t know where the source code is that generates this page, but it should be easy for someone familiar with the code to track down. Note that this was done correctly for similarly titled pages, such as “zdanko’s Profile”.

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They are two different things, aren’t they? The first set of steps is to see the person’s favorite taxa that they created in a list, and the second set of steps is to see all the observations that the person has faved.


You are so right, but I didn’t realize that until now! I’ve never used the favorited-observations feature so I’ve never explored that part of the user interface.


That would explain the confusion.

I can replicate if I go to in Firefox 89, and in Edge.


Please include URLs, everyone. :-)

Filed a bug report here:

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Oops, sorry. I did include steps to reproduce, but I should have included a URL. Will remember to do so next time.


No worries!

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