Nature-inspired memes

Don’t forget
You Brown Recluse lover, you! Would you still love me if I was a worm! (Entomemology references)

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The bird one is all wrong - the one on the right is just a baby bald eagle.

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No, it’s not! This is a young bald eagle:
The color pattern is entirely different, the beak shape is different, the flight style is different (wings stretched out rather than tucked in). I know very little about harriers, so I can’t confirm that the bird shown is one, but it’s definitely not an eagle.


Maybe he was being sarcastic?

It’s a common refrain on the FBMID page. There are so many reposts from people who are wondering if an American Robin, say, is a baby eagle. You would be astonished by the basic lack of knowledge that many people have regarding the natural world!


That’s even worse than the “creagle.”
(“Creagle” being the experienced birder’s term for a crow carrying a large white object. People think that the white object is the head, and that they are seeing a bald eagle.)


Hey… I’ve been duped by a squirrel’s nest with snow on top. It’s not lack of knowledge, it’s just poor distance vision, even with glasses. This is one reason why I don’t bird…

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But if the crow is flying, you could see that it doesn’t have a white tail, right?

It seems that would be the case, but it’s easy to be perfect in a theoretical world. I’ve made so many mistakes that I don’t believe I’m above anything any more, and I don’t believe anyone else is either.

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Hummingbirds (Trochilidae):


I found this Buff Ermine moth in the trap this morning…


Jumping Spiders (Salticidae):


Should have put that one in the “Moth Memes” thread!

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When trying to ID plants:


There’s a moth meme thread? :hear_no_evil:

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yea,so true. Mu mind is always like that

Everytime, henceforth, i see this moth this image of this specific homo sapien is going to come into my head.

Great meme :sweat_smile:

Forum topic by @wolfram06: Some moth memes I made

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New observers on iNat be like: