Some moth memes I made


There’s a topic for memes:
But moths are butterflies, so they’re correct.


Moths aren’t butterflies

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They’re, all Lepidopterans can be called butterflies.

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The definition of Lepidoptera is “an order of insects that comprises the butterflies and moths.”
If the meme said “Is this a Lepidopteran?” that would be correct. But saying that moths and butterflies are the same is like saying turtles and tortoises are the same. They’re related, but different in many ways.


That’s the way English looks at them, but no more than that, same with turtles.


Is the word for moths and butterflies different in your language? (This is an assumption)

It’s complictated, you can call everything “бабочка”, call any moth and sometimes a butterfly “мотылёк”, small moth is “моль”, for order there’s a separate translation of Latin name – “чешуекрылые”.
upd. Papilionoidea - булавоусые бабочки


So are you saying “бабочка” which google translates to butterfly, is the same (or at least used the same) as Lepidoptera in Russian?

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Yes, though the latter is only used by scientists.

I know English can be weird sometimes, so I put the words “Butterfly” and “Moth” into google translate. Japanese, German, Spanish, and Hindi all have different words for “Butterfly” and “Moth”. Regardless, butterflies and moths have different taxonomy. The superfamily “Papilionoidea” contains every known species of butterfly (except American moth-butterflies). If you read through the taxa listed under Papilionoidea you wont find any of the moths I included in that meme because they aren’t butterflies. They’re all in a different superfamily called “Bombycoidea” which is defined as “a superfamily of moths”.

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Butterflies are moths and bees are wasps and squares are rectangles


What do you mean?

That wasn’t the point, it’s that people who call Satuurniidae a butterfly are correct, it is lepidopteran, and if you wish you can guide them that those are actually different from Papilionoidea, though I’m pretty sure people can see that even if they can’t verbally explain the difference.

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reposting my meme with a subtle change that fits the discussion


I can send you a link about Papilionoidea from iNat to you.
It includes American moth-butterflies so I admit I was mistaken about that, but it doesn’t include Saturniidae.

I know that, but how is it relevant?

Because that proves that the moths I put in the meme are actually moths and not butterflies.

Edit: To put it simply, every species in the order Lepidoptera that is not in the superfamily Papilionoidea is a moth.

Butterflies are just silly, day flying moths that have tricked humans into providing extra food for them. No one says “plant peach trees to save Synanthedon exitiosa” …


Actually in German “Schmetterlinge” = butterflies also works for all Lepidoptera. There is a difference between “Tagfalter” = typical butterflies and “Nachtfalter” = mostly nocturnal butterflies. “Motte” = moth is the name for some families of “Kleinschmetterlinge” = Microlepidoptera. A typical species would be the Common Clothes Moth (Tineola bisselliella).

There are people here too that call every nocturnal butterfly a moth. But there’s also people that call almost every flying insect a “Mücke” = mosquito. :grimacing:

The meme is in English though, so it works. It just doesn’t translate well internationally. :wink: