New grid system broke bounding box functionality?

I was in the middle of reviewing the genus Stegastes in the west Atlantic and was just starting on Brazil when I realized the system had updated to the grid/box points. I updated my observation maps (, then realized the observations box just said “No results found” even though it was clearly showing many points on the map. So I switched to Acanthurus coeruleus. Same problem. I also tried the genus Stegastes all over the world. Same problem. Then I switched to Pomacentridae. Same problem. In Brazil. But it worked in Indonesia, and included entries for Stegastes even though just scanning for Stegastes returned many points, but 0 results in the observations box for the same location in Indonesia. It seems some taxa are unsearchable in this fashion now. And I can’t get Brazil to work at all regardless of the taxon I pick. But the Caribbean seems less affected. I also tried different sizes. No effect.

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that URL includes a page=4 param, but there aren’t 4 pages of results for that search. Try removing the page param, e.g.


Oh my, my mistake! Always glad when it’s just user error. Thanks for the help.