Establishing new places (even when achieving the required 50 verifiable observations)

I have been trying my best to become knowledgeable of the INat system and its various functions, structure and nuances since coming aboard in September. I find INat to be exactly what I’ve been looking for to broaden my knowledge of species occurrence, distribution and seasonal variability within various geographic regions. In that pursuit, and to add to the existing information base, I endeavor to establish some new projects, including their geographic boundaries. Therein lies my dilemma, I have not be able to create new places via import of KLM files or otherwise. Tony (iNat tech support) has been most helpful in trying to solve this little glitch. I was wondering if I am the “Lone Ranger” or if anyone else has hit this wall.

if @tiwane looked at it and wasn’t able to resolve your issue, i’m not sure what the rest us non-iNat-staff folks will be able to do for you. if Tony just hasn’t gotten back to you yet, and you’d like to see if others can get you a faster answer, then it will help if you describe your problem a little more clearly. what exactly is the wall you’re hitting? do you not have a button to create a place? are you encountering an error when you save your place?

I am very happy to report that Tony et al, has come to the rescue and solved the problem. Nothing like great service by dedicated folks in a great program.

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