Not receiving notifications selected

Simple: after selecting to receive some email notifications on my observations, I’m receiving none. Neither in my main mailbox neither in the spam box.
My mail service is functioning well. Atually I’ve received one PM from a member, so the route from you to me is working…
I’m uploading hundreds of observations and without the notifications it’s very difficult to comment on them…

Cheers fro Rio,

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it’s been a while since i’ve opted to receive e-mails, but when i was getting them, i remember getting them once a day (except for the the personal message notifications, which i believe came as soon as they were posted). have you waited at least a day since you turned on your e-mail notifications?


Hi Rogerio, are you still running into this issue? Can you share a screenshot of the Notifications section of your Settings page?

Many, many days. Never arrived…
Thanks for the attention.

i just wanted to verify. so I just sent you a private message via iNaturalist. did you receive an e-mail to let you know that I sent you a private message?

i also separately sent you a private message via the Forum, which is different.

(if you don’t receive an e-mail related to the message via iNaturalist within a day or so, you may want to check to make sure your e-mail address is set up properly in iNaturalist.)

rogdias replied to me via iNaturalist that he did get e-mails for both the private message i sent via iNaturalist and also via the forum. if that’s true, then his e-mail address must be set up correctly in iNaturalist (and also in the forum).

i also turned on e-mail notifications for myself, and i’ve been getting them regularly for the last few weeks.

there have been reports in the past, i believe, that specific users or groups of users have had e-mail notifications stop working, and staff had to do something to resolve the problem (ex Email notifications stopped - Bug Reports - iNaturalist Community Forum).

nobody else has reported an issue here recently. so maybe it’s just rogdias who has an issue right now.

@rogdias – if you’re still not getting e-mail notifications, then you may want to write to see if maybe staff can troubleshoot something with you.

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@rogdias – were you able to get this resolved? if so, we should probably close this bug report. if not, there was a post in another thread that sounds like it might be worth looking at to see if something similar is going on there:

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see above