Not remembering me when I log in

it sounds like this thread might be covering the same thing as there were some changes deployed to address the problems described in the other thread.

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not sure if this is a bug. Using Chrome. Started after independent organization announcement


can you please include more information?

  • what exact steps are you using to log in?
  • are you allowing cookie storage?
  • do you use a password saver?

I’m only mildly technically knowledgeable, but the more we know the easier it will be to locate the problem.

I’ve had this happen to me previously sometimes where iNat asks me to log in 3-4 days in a row. Then it stops. Happens on both Chrome and Firefox. No idea why, but it has always resolved itself eventually.

have you been doing something different since that time? or have you started using a different machine since then?

back in the day, we were able to track down a situation where performing certain actions in the system could trigger the system to clear your remember me token. that was fixed and seemed to eliminate most reports of this kind of problem, but it’s possible that there might be some other trigger that has yet to be well described.

the sporadic reports since that fix are mostly collected in another thread: you could try reading through there to see if any of those situations seems to be similar to yours, and if so, please make a note of any similarities or patterns you see. ideally, we need to find a set of steps that anyone can use to reliably reproduce the problem. otherwise, it will likely be very difficult to do anything to address the issue(s).

I log in via Chrome on the sign in page where there is a shortcut to iNat.

Now issue seems to be resolved but I don’t know for how long. This has happened before with log-in required for several days and then back to normal…

without anything more to go on, i’m thinking this should probably be merged with all the other reports at