Observation count inconsistent

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When you open the first link above, on this single page it lists TOTAL OBSERVATIONS as 4, but in the ABOUT tab it mentions 9. Only 4 observations currently exist on iNat, as far as I can see. I am not sure where the 9 comes from. It seems incorrect.

Step 1: Open the link above

There are 4 Research Grade observations and 5 Casual observations. It’s a little strange that the total is only RG, while the text is all observations, but it’s not really a bug.


It’s all the verifiable observations, there just happen to be no Needs ID of this hybrid. On the “taxonomy” tab of the taxon page for the genus, it also shows 9 observations, including the casual ones. I don’t know why they use different methods of counting in different places.

Thanks for the answers, much appreciated.

I guess it is technically not a bug if this is intentional, but I would then agree that it is confusing that these different numbers are used. Wouldn’t it be better to be consistent?

Also from the first answer I understand that the top number on the page is the research-grade count, and the bottom number includes the total number of observations. However, when I look at this page:


Then I see 46 “Total observations” (supposedly the RG count), and below it says 43 observations (supposedly the total count). To make things even more complicated, when I search the entire site for all RG-grade observations, I get 40: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?locale=en&place_id=any&preferred_place_id=113055&quality_grade=research&taxon_id=760361&verifiable=any

So I am rather confused as to what those different numbers mean, and my main recommendation would be to use consistent numbers.

The line of text can take a little while to update and 3 of the observations were changed just recently. I now see 46 both places.

The number by View All is (as chrisangell said) actually the number of verifiable observations. But specifically for Shamrock Macaw, there are no Needs ID observations, thus the number of RG observations and the number of verifiable observations are the same for that taxon (4 RG, 4 verifiable). For T. humboldtii, there are 40 RG observations and 6 Needs ID, thus 46 Verifiable.

Thanks a lot jwidness. I now also see the Titanacris humboldtii figures being the same in both places so that seems to have been a synchronization delay indeed. And understood with the verifiable vs Need ID differences that explain the different numbers. Thanks!