Observation count for project depends on access path

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Step 1: Open the project Hornsby Bushcare - Jane Starkey Park from the Community menu → recent projects (hsee first URL)

Step 2: The summary shows 28 observations

Step 3: Click on the “Read More” link in the project description. This brings up the details of the project (https://inaturalist.ala.org.au/projects/hornsby-bushcare-jane-starkey-park?tab=about)

Step 4: Click on “Hornsby Bushcare - Jane Starkey Park, NS, AU” next to Location

Step 5: Click on Observations and then “view more observations from this place” (see second URL)

Step 6: The summary shows 64 observations. Looking at the observations they include all 10 of my observations at this site whereas the summary from Step 1 only shows my first observation. It appears that the summary accessed from the Community menu is missing 36 observations for this project.

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There isn’t a bug here; the reason your other observations (and the extra ones from other users too) are not showing in the project is because the project admin has set one of the filters/requirements so that only species which have been marked as ‘native’ to Australia are included

in iNat, a species has to be manually marked as native (or endemic or introduced) to a place, it’s not something which is automatically applied. So there are thousands of thousands of species which are indeed native to Australia, but they just haven’t been formally annotated as such within iNat.

The best solution here is to ask one of the project admins to edit the project and remove that filter entirely