Observation upload zoom freezes on mobile device

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Step 1: Upload several pictures from my mobile device.

Step 2: Go to “Edit” for the Location, add text. This causes the image to zoom in.

Step 3: On exiting the “edit” function, the zoom is locked and frozen in place; I cannot pan back out or scroll over to reach the “upload” button.

On a similar note, I have never been able to combine only some pictures when using the website from my mobile device; I must either upload only one observation at a time, “Select all,” and combine, or else upload only one picture for each observation. By that I mean that there is no way to upload, say, three pictures of one taxon and two of another, and combine them into just two observations; in such a case, I would have to do two separate uploads, one for each taxon.

You’re doing this on your Android’s browser, correct?

Yes, Android browser, website.

I can replicate on my iPhone as well. I’m not sure if I’d classify it as a bug, though, because the iNat website is, unfortunately, not designed for use with mobile browsers, so this page and others were not intended to be used for uploading. I can bring it up with our team, but the mobile apps are designed for uploading on mobile devices and the website is designed for laptops/desktops.

So the solution is to use the app.

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