Observations from users flagged as spam are not affected by DQA votes and IDs

This observation is from a suspended user. (for those who aren’t curators and cannot view the page, it is an observation from Toronto and is an incorrect ID).

[link removed by moderator]

However, despite it not being publicly visible, it still maps as occurring in Toronto and does not load when clicked on when not logged in at this link

The expected behavior here is that the observation is not mapped and is made casual.

Maybe. Waiting for the cache to clear?
For me the obs on the map is
Loading …

PS I no longer see it on the map for Toronto.

A user being suspended does not mean their observations become casual


In most cases banned users had legit observations.


I’ve run into observations from suspended users in the Needs ID queue while identifying, so I think those are not getting deleted unlike when a user deletes an account?

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I’d like to follow up on this topic by asking:

is it intended that observations from suspended users stay unchanged even when disagreeing votes are added (by curators) after the user’s suspension?

Thus, their observations basically become ‘opt-outs’ with the difference that there is no way to make these observations casual grade and their mis-IDs would always be visible as outliers on range maps?

And if so, would a solution be to shortly unsuspend the user following immediate suspension?

Here would be an (anonymous) example of such an outlier

Without an example (which shouldn’t be posted publicly here but you can message help@inaturalist.org or @ forum_moderators, it’s hard to tell what the issue is.

The observations of suspended users aren’t more stuck in any way than other users who are inactive - you can add IDs and comments, vote in the DQA, etc.

(Also just a note that curators IDs and DQA votes have no more bearing on an observation than any other user.)


Thank you Cassi.
So this means that ‘bug reports’ is in fact the correct category, as it is not an expected behavior.
I will send further information to the admins.

OK, this is an older bug for accounts flagged as spam that I think got lost in the shuffle. I added it to our web issues project and prioritized it near the top. https://github.com/inaturalist/inaturalist/issues/3345

I updated the title of this topic to reflect the underlying issue.


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