Suspended User observations showing in maps

Just came across an extralimital observation for a species and found that it belonged to a suspended user that appears to be some sort of trivia game. This was showing up on the map, which raises the question of why was this showing up on the map? It was research grade, which is troublesome in its own right. It’s still present in the gbif database because of that.

This user account has 75000 observations on here! All should be considered suspect and probably deleted outright, or at least completely disqualified from being research grade.

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There is some Questagame background here:

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QG is a bit of an outlier, but there are multiple reasons that an account can be suspended, some of which have nothing to do with data quality. Thus, content created by a suspended account is not automatically wiped.


Well, as it pertains to this particular user, there is no way to verify the data provided or to contact the original users, it seems. I’ve just given a very clear example of erroneous “research grade” data submitted. I would suggest all observations be made Casual to mitigate this risk.

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