Observations marked as "reviewed" in the 'identify' tab are now marked unreviewed since the outage

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Website

Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Chrome

Description of problem:
A few days ago, prior to the outage, I was in the ‘identify’ tab going through all observations in Escambia County, FL, with no additional filters. I ended up marking over 5,000 observations as reviewed. I did not add any identifications to most of these, just simply marked them as reviewed. After the outage, it seems that the 5,000+ observations I marked as reviewed on that day are now unreviewed and I believe I will have to go through 150+ pages of “mark all as reviewed” to re-review them. Is there any way this can be reversed, or some other way to mark as reviewed en masse without having to do only 30 at a time?

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You can do them 200 at a time if you include “&per_page=200” in your search URL, for what that’s worth.


Wow, that does help a lot! Thanks.

I have not had this problem, but I have had the opposite problem. Observations I had recently marked as unreviewed have been marked as reviewed. This is a problem because some special observations I had bookmarked, reviewed, and unreviewed right before the outage are now mixed in with the thousands of other observations I’ve reviewed. Is this something that can be fixed? Or could it continue to happen? I’d prefer not to have to wage through the 301 bookmarks I thankfully still have, but if I do I don’t want to have to do it more than once. Feel free to make this a separate bug if appropriate.