Identified and Reviewed observations not disappearing when Identify page is refreshed

When I’m working on my laptop in the Identify page, I’ll have several of the observations on the page identified or otherwise clicked as Reviewed, and, whether I click on something that takes me out of the page and then I go back or I hit refresh to clear out the ones I have already done, the site has not been clearing all of them out. Many (all?) look like they have returned to their unreviewed state, so it appears as if my previous actions didn’t take. But when I click on them one at a time, my ID loads and it goes back to Reviewed. I like to keep a clean and organized working space, which is one of the reasons I like to refresh rather than waiting 'til I get to the end of the page, but this is causing a lot of hassle.

Well, since creating the forum post, it’s working beautifully again. Did somebody fix it? If so, thank you!!

Spoke too soon. Working most of the time. I’m guessing it has something to do with load times or site traffic or…something.

I have had this a couple of times as well…

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Yeah, unfortunately still happening. It just comes and goes.