Observations not being added to a project automatically - why?

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I recently participate in a National Park Bioblitz for which there is an iNat Project page. For some reason only a small subset of my observations are making it onto the Bioblitz project page. I manually added them to the overall NP project page, but, as I’ve seen from other posts in the forum, one can’t add them to certain projects manually, like this bioblitz. Can someone tell me why they aren’t showing up?

If you look on the project page, it shows me with 30 observations:


If you look on the overall Great Basin NP iNat page, it shows me with 215 observations (an accurate reflection):


Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

The first project requires organisms to be native, but I don’t see that in the second project. Maybe that’s part of the discrepancy? (I didn’t check the native statuses of your observations.)


Yes, “native” option for project isn’t a very well working one, you need to make sure each taxon has this status added. I don’t see a certain reason to have this filter for this project, delete it and observations will appear.


Oh! Thanks Marina and sgene!