I guess I'm not checking my notifications

I’ve been busy with school and haven’t logged on in a while, so I knew i would have a lot of notifications to go through. I was expecting maybe around 100 since I was quite active in IDing for a few months. I was not expecting over a thousand!! And unless things have been updated in the last couple of months theres no efficient way to look through them all before they’re lost to me forever.

Hopefully nobody needed anything urgently in there!


this might help in this case: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/is-there-an-easy-way-to-open-all-notifications/25913/35


Awesome! Yeah that is very helpful. Thank you!

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@austinsmith Have you turned off notifications for confirming IDs from your account setting page? I assume you’ve done this already, but just in case (and for others who might see this topic)

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Does not help me. I want to see WHO agreed with me.
Are you a trusted identifier and I can unfollow that obs?
Or a clickety click, and I need to follow until a more reliable ID rolls in?

After a month of digital detox I worked thru 1 700 notifications.

I laughed when I saw @austinsmith’s sky-high number of notifications. Then I went off for about four or five hours for a walk.

551 notifications generated in just that time. Yikes!

Fortunately, the vast majority were finer IDs added to a very large set of Unknowns uploaded by one observer a year ago, ones where I had added a general ID like Birds. I like getting that kind of notification!


Thank you for the suggestion, but yes I had to turn that off a while ago! Through @pisum 's tool i was able to figure out that a bit of it was a few identifiers very thoroughly going through various groups. Most notably hundreds of marine shells that I had only been able to ID to Arcoidea or Arcidae, which are now at genus and species levels.

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Oops— I might’ve been a part of that. I have gone through a few thousand Arcoidea in the past few months, mostly to identify lesser known species like Anadara chemnitzii and A. notabilis