Opening an image in a new tab?


Moving this to its own topic…

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? I just right click the text of the observation to get it in a new tab.

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Recruiting more identifiers

I mean the images featured at the observation, not the observations themselves. This is really weird, though- I just opened an observation to check what I’m talking about to describe it and the first time I right-clicked the icon of the photo I wanted to open I got the dropdown that has options like “back” “forward” “reload” etc. Then I right-clicked it again and got the “open in a new tab” etc dropdown, letting me do what I just described wanting to do- the things I don’t understand about web UI could apparently fill a book. I don’t understand why I get different results on different attempts, but after getting the first one once, I assumed that would always be the case.

That might help me out a bit in speed of sorting through observations.

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